Light Returning to The Yoga Room

Can you feel it? When a December day begins with a sunrise, light dancing around the edge of the blinds, caressing the walls, brightening the mood and says: "Come play!" I listen.   With the Solstice is right around the corner, so is the return of light. This...

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Listening Fire

There is an art to listening that, in my humble experience, comes from practice. I am reminded of this time and again when I blow it. When I forget to practice. When I forget to take the pause before responding. When I refuse to check my ego at the door. To slow down,...

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Standing in Our Light

Just outside my window, the oak has gone to yellow. I breathe a deep sigh of relief. It is late in the season for the trees to be finding their peak. I wasn’t sure they ever would. So many leaves went straight to brown -- carried off by the next wind. Today, as I...

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Afraid of the Dark

Does the dark scare you? As we enter this week, the time of Samhain -- ancient Pagan tradition of honoring the dead, the time when the veil between light and shadow is thin or disappears altogether, the end of the harvest and the start of the longest nights -- it...

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