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Marcy Little, The Yoga Room at 123
I love yoga with Marcy. Each week I feel as if the theme and alignment principles that are woven into the class were exactly what I needed…or even written just for me. I’ve done many types of yoga over the years and the intimacy of this class and careful instruction have allowed me to sink into postures and improve my form in ways I never have before.

Studying yoga with Marcy is an extraordinary invitation to gain precision, insight, mastery, and grace in both the inner and outer lives of the body. She brings a student’s awareness deeply into muscle, bone, tendon, and breath while, at the same time, expanding understanding of the more ethereal, non-tangible capacities of the body. It’s quite a remarkable reworking of the basic principles of alignment, balance, extension, and control. I feel very well served, well taught, and truly advanced in by her gifted teaching, and witness its impact every day.

Each yoga classes with Marcy is a well-scripted journey of body, mind and spirit. She leads the group with grace, intelligence and up-beat style, but she encourages each individual to find their own interpretation of every pose. “There is nowhere to get. This is not a competition. Breathe into the moment and find your own edge.” She is quick to come up with accommodations when the pose the group is doing doesn’t work for the individual. I learn so much in each class.

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